We begin the New Year with important news from the New York State Education Department. We are pleased to announce that on January 12, 2010 the State Regents approved the Molloy proposal to offer our first Ph.D. degree at the College – in Nursing.  This is truly an historic occasion.  Ironically, January 12th coincides with the anniversary of the first President of Molloy College, Mother Anselma Ruth.  The Founding Dominican Sisters of Amityville would be proud of what has been accomplished in our relatively brief 55 year history.
Many people worked over the last five years to make the Ph.D. program approval a reality.  Thanks to all of the faculty in the Nursing Division who participated in the many discussions in reference to the Ph.D. program.  Their commitment to Nursing education has truly made a difference.
Thanks also to the many Molloy faculty, administrators, and staff members who played a role in this process including the Nursing staff, Office of Academic Affairs, the Library staff, the Finance Department, the Admissions Department, the IT Department, the members of the Graduate Academic Policies and Programs Committee, the Priorities and Planning Committee, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Trustees.
Thank you to Dr. Bernadette Curry who served as Dean of the Nursing Program during the initial period for the leadership she provided on this initiative and to the Nursing Division Task Force appointed by the Office of Academic Affairs:
Ellen Rich, Professor of Nursing
Rose Schecter, Professor and Associate Dean and Director Undergraduate Program
Lois Moylan, Professor of Nursing
Margaret Whelan, Associate Professor of Nursing
Carole Gutterman, Professor of Nursing
Maureen Moulder, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Mary Fassetta, Assistant Professor of Nursing
A special thank you to the second group of Nursing faculty, the Praxis Nursing Research Group, appointed in 2007 who continued the work begun by the Nursing Task Force:
Veronica Feeg, Professor and Chairperson (2008)
Jeannine Muldoon, Professor of Nursing
Debra Hanna, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Susan Ledlie, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Lois Moylan, Professor of Nursing
Ellen Rich, Professor of Nursing
Margaret Whelan, Associate Professor of Nursing
Diane Pastor, Assistant Professor of Nursing (2008)
Margaret Shepard, Associate Professor of Nursing (2009)
Congratulations and thank you to Dr. Jeannine Muldoon, Dean of the Division of Nursing, and Dr. Veronica Feeg, Associate Dean and Director of the Proposed Ph.D. Program for the exemplary leadership they provided throughout the Ph.D. development and application process.
The College is fortunate to have such dedicated Nursing faculty and leadership.  Pending Middle States approval, we plan to offer the program in the Fall 2010 semester.  Thank you.
Valerie Collins, Ph.D.

Vice President for Academic Affairs
and Dean of the Faculty