Please Congratulate Our Esteemed ENRS 2015 PresentersMollo

Susan Vitale (Faculty) “Family Functioning with Prader Willi Syndrome”

Veronica Feeg (Faculty), Alice Nash (PhD Student), Diane Mancino (NSNA) “Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Education: From the Voices of Students and Faculty”

Veronica Feeg (Faculty), Eileen Mahler (PhD Student), Diane Mancino (NSNA) “New Graduates in Nursing: A Secondary Analysis of Reported Stressors in the Clinical Setting”

Marcia Williams Haley (PhD-C) “Knowledge, Attitudes, and Self-Reported Behaviors of Psychiatric Nurses Towards Obese Psychiatric Patients on Atypical Antipsychotic Medications: Psychometric Development and Testing”

Jeanine Cook-Garard (PhD Student) “The Newly Single Widowed Older Adult Black/African American Woman Navigating Intimacy After a Long-Term Monogamous Relationship”

Margaret Whelan (Faculty) “Thrown to the Wolves: Later Life Recollections of Former Emergency Room Nurses”

Veronica Feeg (Faculty), Gloria Otoo (PhD Student), Minna KappBruce Zitkus (Faculty, LIU Post) “Trajectory of NP Students’ Self-Reported Readiness to Practice in the APRN Role: Influence of Preceptor Characteristics and the Preceptor Experience”

Ann Marie Paraszczuk (Faculty), Karen Hylton-McGuire (PhD Student) “The Relationship of Delivery Method to Newborns’ Initial Breastfeeding Duration and Breastfeeding Exclusivity Before Hospital Discharge”

Veronica Feeg (Faculty), Keith Weiner (PhD Student), Deborah Raposo (Southeast Coast Hospital), Virginia Saba (Sabacare, Inc.) “Electronic Nursing Documentation: A Descriptive Analysis of Coded Nursing Actions from Three Hospitals Using the Standardized Terminology of the Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System”