“The Patient Will See You Now” was the theme of  the 2015 NYS MiniHIMSS Conference.

Molloy PhD Students Olga Kagan & Keith Weiner

Molloy PhD Students
Olga Kagan & Keith Weiner @ NYS HIMSS 2015

Hospitals and vendors showcased innovative health informatics technology and the latest industry information.

Molloy PhD students were in attendance. Many area students actively blogged under the tag #HIMSSNYS .

Photos: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23himssnys

NYS HIMSS initiated the Nursing Committee and is actively seeking new participants.

HIMSS is a leading global informatics organization with 52K members.

***Please join HIMSS and the Nursing Committee.  Help lead the charge in healthcare transformation through IT.***

Nursing Notes

Committee Nursing Notes


Join HIMSS ($30) – http://www.himss.org/membership/student

Join Nursing Committee – email Rick.Sughrue@HealthIT360.com