AnnaGeorgeI am from a different part of the world
Little girl from different culture
Little girl with different dreams
Different language different clothes
But the heart of love just like all
Brought up in love and strong family ties
Loved to share and loved to care
Loving and sharing embedded in the soul
Always loved to care for the sick
Played games of caring with friends
Helping and treating others with love
Loved to listen and loved to talk
Loved to care and loved to cure
Grew up with dreams of caring as profession
Loved to study and loved to dream big
Had high ambitions and high hopes
Wanted to cross the seven seas and
Come to land of opportunity
Hoped and prayed for the best can be
Trusted in the lord for the best to come
Dreamed to be a nurse to touch the human hearts
Dreamed and prayed for the dream to come true
Here I am with the Grace of God
A Nurse who helps to cure and care
Dreams do come true one day
With lots of hard work and lots of patience
And above all with the Grace of the Lord