MichaelFinneganThe boy was born in the month of July to a policeman and his caring bride. The third child to come with one more to follow the apartment was full but not with our sorrow.
In winter, in Brooklyn we tried to stay warm but our summers would follow a different norm. A small bungalow not far from the woods with hiking and swimming it all seemed so good.
So into this milieu my soul was placed, the universe or God it was not done in haste. I was matched to this life like a hand to a glove; I believe it was ordained from somewhere above.
But into this unity some pain did await, as is a part of all of our fates. The early time was effected and altered by death, the sting of which has never left. A hard burden to carry for the boy who loves chess, and reading and drawing and playing with pets.
Tragedy can challenge each and every life, like a glacier transforms and reshapes the heights. Tragedy oh tragedy effects all our plans leaving its mark in remaking the man.
Yet in one decision that could not be rehearsed, I directed my empathy by becoming a nurse.
Many a great thing has happened in my life, a home, a family and a loving wife. I have helped people recover because of my care, a small piece of my soul which I freely share.
Not perfect am I riddled with flaws, yet it is in helping others that I find my reward.
My hope is on the day that I am called home that the caring the love will be seen by the Lord.
One birth, one death is our debt, whether a Catholic, a Jew or a monk from Tibet. Would it not be wonderful if we could all hold hands, in a heaven, a home where caring is grand.