DignitasWe make it so complicated.
Theories, principles, verbose verbiage,
Struggling to create parameters
to define humanness and humanity, and
the humanness in humanity.

What is it to truly appreciate another?
One’s thoughts and dreams,
Desires and fears,
history and future,
an internal vision with its external projection.
This is our indelible stitch in the tapestry of life.

We are our mothers’ children,
occupying a transient period of time and space,
seeking approval, inwardly sensitive,
hoping for compassion, shyly optimistic and
appreciating beauty in simplicity.

Like the color of dandelions,
weeds with the characteristic yellow
of the exalted sun,
We must be humble enough
To celebrate our sameness
yet confident enough to value our differences.

One’s gifts of presence, attention and care,
are priceless and cherished.
These are so free to give yet so rare to exchange.
The conviction that each is worthy of a life
well lived heralds a dignified existence.
To grace this earth for a moment,
to experience the grace of others,
this is what lays bare our
humanness in humanity.