ElevatorI am from an elevator, in my mother’s safe body waiting to be of this earth.
I am from an elevator, where my father carried me in his arms safely to our apartment.
Lifts and pulleys that guided me through the triumphs and tribulations of life.
“Push the eleventh floor please”, where I held my baby sister, where I waited anxiously for the door to open and footsteps to come home.
This simple modality that transported me to freedom, where I rode my bike, played ring, tag, and basketball.
This transport took me to the beach, the pool, the playground, and to school.
A transport that saw me laugh, cry, and scream.
The elevator where I had my first kiss, told my first lie, sang my first song. “No don’t stop at the 6th floor, I am not finished,
I am in a rush, I just don’t feel like seeing anyone today.”
This modality carried me to my dreams, my worries, my desires.
Down the elevator went to carry my mother and sister away.
This vertical transport took me to college and beyond, and finally to the final farewell of my dear Dad.
The elevator I rode every day transported me through life.
Thanks for the ride, it was amazing! Please keep my secrets safe!